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Obtain Spanish nationality with us!

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Obtain Spanish nationality with us! Pick a convocation that meets your needs, and take the two exams required by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes to improve your chances to obtain it.

Spanish Institute carries out both of the exams you need to pass to obtain Spanish nationality. Which are the DELE exam with an A2 (or higher) level of Spanish and the test of constitutional and sociocultural knowledge about Spain (CCSE). Regarding the CCSE, we will conduct a total of ten convocations of the exam in the year, with two sessions for the candidates (18.00 snd 20.00 hour in the afternoon). The test will consist in 25 questions (quiz type) about the constitution and social reality and culture in Spain, that will be answered in 45 minutes at maximum.

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  Further information about the CCSE exam here:

En Spanish Institute también te ofrecemos orientación en el proceso de matrícula y examen. ¡Consúltanos!

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